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If you need to create a support ticket, please click the image above or just go to 


Remote Support

For remote assistance, you will need to download an application.  This application will not install, it will only run on your computer.  It will allow one of our technicians to remotely login to your computer, take control and work with you to fix any issues you may have. You can download the application below.  After you have the application running, you must contact us by phone and provide the randomly generated username and password, so we can connect to your machine.  You can contact us at: 361.444.2564 (44HALO4) or 855.265.8278 (855.COLTARUS).



If you would like for Coltarus Halo, LLC support staff to have permanent access to your machine, please install the persistent installed version of the remote application.  You will create a password during the installation, and need to supply it to us for access.