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Network Backup Server

Halo NAS is an affordable data backup solution which provides full local data backups with several options for off-site data replication. For local backup, Halo NAS Service offers a full line of Halo NAS Servers to store data locally at different sized locations. To prevent catastrophic data loss at any single location, Halo NAS Service lets customers replicate backups off site to the cloud, to their privately owned locations or a combination of both.

Private cloud storage

The addition of site-to-site replication to the local and cloud options previously available gives customers absolute control over where they store their data. Halo NAS Service offers three deployment options for creating private-cloud data storage through site-to-site replication technology:

  • Replication among Halo NAS-10201 Servers; each server backs up data locally then sends the data offsite to Halo NAS-10201 Servers at other locations.

  • Replication from Halo NAS-10201 Servers at satellite locations to a central Halo NAS-10201 Server.

  • Replication from one Halo NAS-10201 Server to multiple Halo NAS-10201 Servers.