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PC Repair

If your computing system becomes slow, non-responsive or malfunctions, PC Repair may be necessary. Computer failures can stem from something as minor as an incorrect setting and can be quickly fixed. However, it may also be something more serious, such as spyware or viruses, and require you to replace hardware or an entire operating system. Coltarus Halo, LLC employs the most educated and talented people in the Nueces County area. Our principals hold advanced degrees in Information Technology and Engineering.

Our technicians provide:

  • On-Site Services – Usually at an hourly rate
  • Off-Site Services – Where the client can drop off at the repair shop.
  • Scheduled Pick-Up & Drop Off Services – For convenience
  • “Take Back” of Old Equipment – For recycling (Required under WEEE rules in the EU)


But we will not stop there! In addition, our responsibilities may extend to include:

  • Building or configuring new hardware
  • Installing and updating software packages
  • Creating and maintaining computer networks (With the ability to work in a variety of settings, and encompassing both the public and private sectors).
  • Plus any of your other technological needs!


Why we're different:

WE SAVE YOUR DATA!  The truth is that it’s always easier to just format a hard drive and reinstall the operating system. On the other hand, diagnosing hardware issues and malware takes skill and years of experience. Our services may take a little longer than those of the format/reinstall stops, but our clients are appreciative and satisfied about how far we go to recover their files.  What good is a fixed computer if some "tech" deleted all of your children's baby pictures?

If you are uncertain of which type of service you need, it may be helpful to read about PC Tune-up, Virus Removal, Mac Repair.  Look under the "More Help" Section of our site to find more information.


Our value for the money can't be beat!