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IT Service and Support

We at Coltarus Halo, LLC provide service and support to utilizing three types of Service and Support Agreements (SSA).

  • The first level of SSA is called “Per Call,” which involves is our company providing “fire out” services. If you have a problem, we will go out and fix it. (No contract needed at our standard rate).

  • Our second level of SSA is called “Per Ticket.” Now, this can also be used as the “Per Call” SSA. The only differentiating factor is that this system is mainly for customers’ use that are repeat clients, and they will receive a small discount on our current rate.

  • The third SSA will bring our clients the most “bang” for their buck, and it is called “Pre-Serv.” This is usually a one year service and support contract that provides network system monitoring, preventative maintenance, ongoing updates and full IT support.

A service and support contract can be used for any IT function. Examples include server configuration, computer repair, upgrades, research, virus removal, virus scanning, system upgrades, registry correction, remote assistance, malware scans, backup setup, and installation, firewall configuration and repair, and system log analysis. We offer competitive service and support contracts to help you reduce your IT costs.